«Covers», exhibition by Tore Svensson


33 brooches are specially created for Hannah Gallery by Klimt02, interpreting artworks by Miró, Arp, Corse, Knobel and Malevich.

Tore Svensson is one of the most influential contemporary Swedish jewellery artists nowadays. In addition to his years of teaching and his academic work, he is constantly working on his carefully developed jewelry and object collections. Tore works mainly with iron and added lately porcelain, wood, and paint. His pieces are characterized by a clear geometry and perfect technical realization.

«Covers» exhibition at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02 consist of 33 pieces, constructed with steel, porcelain, silver, paint and MDF, based on a selection of paradigmatic forms that carry the value and the strength of the enigmatic with them, the start of a graphic alphabet, pieces that reveal the will to reach a maximum level of expression from the maximum reduction. One of these universal objectives, which is not easy to achieve.

Tore Svensson explains the following: “my starting point for this project has been about similarities in the work of many jewellery artists: is it a coincidence or is it simply copies of someone else’s work? How close can you come to another artist without copy him, who is entitled to a shape? Everyone can make a square but if you change the square a little is it then unique? A shape is a shape and should be free to use by anyone, the question is maybe more why you use a certain shape. The idea, the concept is more untouchable. When I worked with this project I only choose artists, art or design I like myself. I did not always felt comfortable when I used another artist work for my brooches, but I always tried to make something own out of it. It is more a tribute to this artist than making a copy of their art”.

Nichka Marobin, Art Historian, states that “this series is a tangible and sincere homage to different artists such as Miró, Jean Arp, Mary Corse, Imi Knobel, Malevich, Ellsworth Kelly; to shapes derived from single elements of ornament from the Summer Palace in Beijing; to mathematical concepts such as Lamé’s theories on super ellipses, which are declined in forms where light, surfaces, colours, curves and shapes display their essential pureness. The one of Tore Svensson is an expressive and impressive microcosmos of rarefied pureness declined in ideas and forms which mould technique, materials, shapes and light. This pureness is pursued through a constant work of subtraction and attention, mastering materials and the different media”.

The exhibition can be visited from June 10th to July 24th at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02; visits only by appointment.