The best design of the year


The annual exhibtion organised by FAD has become an essential visit to understand the current state of the graphic design, industrial, design, architectural and art field.

The 10th edition of «The Best Design of the Year» is mounted by FAD in collaboration with the Design Museum of Barcelona. The exhibition features the shortlisted and prize-winning works, from professionals and students, of the awards organized by the FAD associations, some of the them the most long-lived and recognised within the field: the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication; the ADI Awards for Industrial Design; the Art FAD Awards for Contemporary Art; the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design and the Habitàcola Awards for architecture and design students.

The exhibition comprises more than four hundred national and international works evaluated by professional jurors. The projects have been shortlisted following the criteria of excellence, innovation and originality.



The best graphic design and visual communication of the year

In the exhibition there are shown the 51st ADG Laus Awards winning projects. Works are registered in more than forty categories within five groups (Graphic Design, Digital, Advertising, Audiovisual and Students). Moreover, the exhibition displays the most renowned works made by Toni Miserachs, winner of the Laus d’Honor for her trajectory and contribution to the profession definition, to the education and to associations, as well as her female leadership in a field where women were not as visible as they should.



The best space design of the year

The 53rd FAD Architectural and Interior Awards show us the last trends of the sector in five categories: Architecture, Interior, City and scenery and Ephemeral interventions). In addition, there are displayed the winning and shortlisted projects of the 8th International FAD Awards, the 18th Thought and Critique FAD Awards and the Habitàcola Awards aimed to design and architecture students who reflect on the streets of the XXI century.



The best industrial design of the year

The industrial design section shows the shortlisted and winning projects from ADI Awards comprised by the 40th Delta Awards for Industrial Design, the 28th ADI Medals to students and the 3rd ADI Culture Awards for projects that foster social and cultural design.



The best contemporary art of the year

The contemporary art section shows the shortlisted and winning works from the 12th Art FAD Awards. These awards aim to recognise the art pieces that stand out because they are using new contemporary art expressions, especially on the concept, techniques and innovative use of the materials. The works are non-functional pieces that reveal a great knowledge of their craft and that have not been awarded in other contests.

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