Winners of the ADI Awards 2022


Innovative products that propose conceptual renovations, provide environmental and sustainability concerns, as well as being an example of design and manufacturing quality.

The ADI Awards 2022, organized by ADI-FAD, have been presented today, bringing together the main awards in the field of industrial and product design in Spain: the Delta Awards, to professionals and industrial design companies, awarded since 1961; the ADI Medals, to product design students, awarded since 1976; and the ADI Culture Awards, which recognize projects that highlight the cultural value of design since 2016.

The 172 products selected and winners of the three prizes that make up the ADI Awards form part of the exhibition “The best design of the year.” A show which features the more than five hundred projects selected and winners of the various prizes organized by the FAD associations can be visited at Disseny Hub Barcelona until August 28.


Delta Awards 2022

A total of 146 projects make up the Delta Selection of the 41st edition of the awards, which are consolidated as the platform for public recognition and promotion of those innovative products that propose conceptual renovations, provide environmental and sustainability concerns, as well as being an example of design and manufacturing quality. Salvi Plaja, president of ADI-FAD, says: “This year’s selection is a clear example of how the industry is the key to making sustainability, diversity, and beauty accessible to everyone. We must care for and strengthen both the industry, ensuring efficiency, and design, ensuring difference; the key to achieving a more sustainable future is to produce the difference more efficiently.”

As a novelty this year, the Delta Awards includes one more category of participation, reaching up to nine to highlight the wide variety and difference of products that are presented in each edition, commercialized in the national and international market: Complements and Tools, Design for Food, Design for the Body, Digital Devices, Outdoor Equipment, Indoor Equipment, Lighting, Mobility, and Packaging.

The jury, formed by Sabine Marcelis, Alessandro Riga, Clara Guasch, Aleix Ingles, and Aurelie Tu, has decided to award: 7 Delta Gold, 14 Delta Silver, 1 Delta Mention, and 124 Delta Bronze to the following projects, which will receive a trophy designed by Studio Inma Bermúdez in collaboration with Roca.

Accessories and Tools:


Gold Delta
Project: Aixada HOE1CP
Design: Lúcid Design Agency
Company: Bellota

Description: An ancestral tool redesigned thanks to an ethnographic study. Forged from a single piece of polished and sharpened Steel to thrust it more easily into the earth. Fitted with an anti-rotation system that prevents the tool from twisting or moving during its use.

Jury verdict: “For a tool based on anthropological research. It has clear and honest materiality that fits perfectly into its function. It is a global project that seeks a common simplicity of language.”


Silver Delta
Project: Raptor Handy
Design: BigD Design That Matters
Company: Meler Gluing Solutions

Description: Manual applicator of hose-pumped fusible adhesive or sealant that is expelled together with a constant flow of air to obtain a spirolate effect. Combines the necessary technical requirements with the right ergonomics for convenient and versatile use.

Jury verdict: “For its usability and improved functionality in reaching difficult places to apply glue. It is inclusive so you can use it with your right or left hand.”


Silver Delta 
Project: Tamaragua
Design: Estudio Disolvente
Company: Precious Plastic Gran Canaria

Description: Tool made from 100% recycled plastic combining a spade, a rake and a sieve to separate and collect waste present in sand. Awareness-raising on the microplastics pollution found on the coastline of Gran Canaria.

Jury’s verdict: “For the educational and outreach aspect behind the project, which encourages everyone to rethink the future”


Design for Food:


Silver Delta
Project: Closca Bottle Wave
Design: Dpto. de diseño interno – Carles Soler, Marcos Villar & Carlos Ferrando.
Company: Closca Design

Description: Stainless steel thermal flask designed to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic. It has an attachment system that fastens the flask to a backpack, a luggage trolley or a bicycle.

Jury verdict: “To offer an important alternative to the plastic bottle, elegant, playful, tactile, practical, adaptative to different mediums and educational to make people aware and responsible for how they drink water.”


Silver Delta
Project: Colección Atlántida
Design: Nacar Design
Company: Comas and Partners

Description: A collection paying homage to the 30 years’ experience of the production company. The pieces stand out for their elegance and minimalist style thanks to a discourse of fluid lines and the sophisticated finish of the textured stainless steel.

Jury’s verdict: “For the aesthetic exercise, recognizable family and good ergonomics with the sharpened edge section. It is full of charm, and the weight is in balance with the hand.”


Silver Delta
Project: Aēralab
Design: ACID – Andreu Carulla, Peter Hernou & Lode Avet
Company: Aēralab


Smart skimmer capable of recognizing milk types through a series of spectral and thermal analyses obtained through algorithms. This function allows it to adapt its operation to obtain the desired texture in each case.

Jury’s verdict: “Because of the in-depth research behind the design of a machine that can recognize the type of milk, make it easier to create the perfect foam, and enhance the experience.”


Design for the body:


Gold Delta
Project: Mambo
Design: ACID – Andreu Carulla Industrial Design
Company: Platanomelón

Description: Suction toy for every kind of clitoris. Its three positions allow for the precise control of the suction waves, customizing stimulation and adapting it to every moment. Made from vegan material, with a silky texture.

Jury’s verdict: “For an iconic, playful and tactile object that rethinks pleasure from a feminist perspective.”


Digital devices:


Silver Delta
Project: eMod
Design: Lúcid Design Agency
Company: Pickdata

Description: Modular industrial electronic platform designed for businesses that want an IoT (Internet of Things) product customized with their own software applications, brand labels and machinery specifications.

Jury verdict: “To deal with designing an invisible object, often abruptly done. With a minimalist and flexible solution tidies up and dignifies the product.”


Outdoor equipment


Gold Delta
Project: Filtra
Desing: Dpto. De I+D interno – Àngel Sitjà Gratacós
Company: Breinco

Description: Robust and durable slab that boosts its permeable capacity and comes with separators that provide internal blockage to ensure maximum structural support. The proportion of filtering area ensures a natural aesthetic and makes it comfortable for pedestrians to walk on.

Jury verdict: “For its innovation through materials science and addressing a sustainability issue. It has an interesting rough texture and a remarkable impact on the city.”


Silver Delta
Project: Matilda
Design: Studio Inma Bermúdez
Company: Nadis Design

Description: Each element in this collection is modelled in a manual process to achieve unique pieces. Combined, they provide multiple compositions. The design is based on two circle sizes that créate ornamental patterns when repeated.

Jury verdict: “Because it celebrates locality on many levels: material, crafts and aesthetics. Craftsmanship is perceptible behind its Arabic heritage. The holes make the design lighter and more appealing.”


Silver Delta
Project: Bini
Design: Joan Gaspar
Company: Resol

Description: Structure for exteriors combining benches and planters. Both the metal elements and the wood have been treated to resist outdoor conditions. The benches and planters are fitted with heightadjusting feet to ensure optimal settlement on all types of paving.

Jury’s verdict: “For being an iconic chair, economical, light, stackable, pleasantly tactile and with references to the past.”


Mention Delta
Project: Tejidos Fr In/out
Design: Eli Gutierrez Studio
Company: Gancedo

Description: Collection of sustainable, easily washable and strong fabrics. The quest for the most versatile fabric in technical terms has given rise to an extensive series of false plain weaves. Texture and colour play a crucial role in this collection.

Jury verdict: “For a material that inspires the creation of products that could easily exceed this outdoor category. It’s a great move by the company, with great potential for developing a fabric range suitable for outdoor use.”


Indoor equipment:


Gold Delta
Project: Camperlab
Design: Camper & Achilles Ion Gabriel
Company: Huguet

Description: Updated version of tiles with rippled or marbled effects, one of the traditional elements in Mediterranean architecture. Customizable in its colours, finishes and sizes, the useful life of these tiles should last a century. They are recyclable.

Jury verdict: “For its refreshing design, with unique configurations, without a repetitive pattern and with a high artistic value. The manufacturing process, manual and without moulds, allows an innovative colour distribution that highlights the spirit of the Mediterranean.”


Gold Delta
Project: Limón
Design: Patricia Urquiola
Company: Agape

Description: Brass tap that shows its structure and purpose with clarity, coherence and honesty. Available for all functional requirements in a wide variety of finishes: chromed, brushed and burnished, natural brushed brass or coated in matt black paint.

Jury’s verdict: “For a reinterpretation of a tap, based on simplifying the gesture of turning the tap on and off. Simplicity that highlights the joy of design.”


Silver Delta
Project: Kata
Design: Altherr Desile Park – Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Desile & Dennis Park
Company: Arper

Description: Lounge chair designed from the perspective of circular sustainability. It is inspired in handmade wood and woven straw chairs and reinvents them by applying contemporary solutions. It reduces the material by 70% compared to traditional coverings.

Jury’s verdict: “Because of its approach and sustainable focus on an aesthetic product. With an FSC wood structure and a 3D fabric made of post-consumer recycled polyester.”


Silver Delta
Project: Goose
Design: Emiliana Design Studio – Emili Padrós & Ana Mir
Company: Verges Design

Description: Versatile collection of chairs with organic and fluid lines. A single sheet of plywood is bent to configure the seat and backrest, making the most of the warmth and expressiveness of the material. It can be fitted with a choice of legs and upholsteries.

Jury verdict: “For its coherent family, recognizable and iconic, convenient and playful. With a single sheet of curved plywood to shape the seats and backrests.”




Gold Delta
Project: Ambrosia
Desing: Ciszak Dalmas – Alberto Gobbino Ciszak & Andrea Caruso Dalmas
Company: Marset

Description: Ceiling light in the form of an expandable line of light. Its design is based on a tubular structure of smooth lines from which the light descends to illuminate every kind of space. Available in 4 predefined sizes ranging from 120 cm to 315 cm.

Jury’s verdict: “For being a timeless, honest design, balanced in proportions and flexible as a system. With few pieces and minimal resources, it achieves maximum light expression.”


Silver Delta + Opinion Delta
Project: Alba
Design: Jordi Blasi
Company: Ateljé Lyktan

Description: Wall fixture providing indirect light of adjustable intensity by rotating the disc that is at the heart of its inception. The product invites users to interact with it by discovering the possibility for action it conceals.

Jury’s verdict: “For its character as a piece of art. There is no purer shape than the circle. Its surface finish and texture indicate the rotation that makes us interact with the light. Furthermore, the golden material reflects the ambient light, and the product is not darkened by backlighting.”


Silver Delta
Project: Wire
Design: Jordi Pla Studio
Company: Milan Iluminación

Description: System uniting the light with the diffuser, permitting direct interaction through contact with the object without the mediation of mechanical pieces or cables to create an emotional connection between the light and the user.

Jury’s verdict: “For being an inviting and playful design. Also, organic, where the clutter of the ensemble becomes a quality. The choice of material, the texture and the simplicity of the pieces create magic in the composition.”




Gold Delta
Project: Cupra Born
Design: Cupra Design
Company: SEAT

Description: 100% electric vehicle that combines electrification and functionalities. The external design is unconventional and emotive. The inside features expressive lines and emphasized shapes, seeking to define a new, markedly emotional design language.

Jury verdict: ” For being the first Cupra car that switched the industry to an electric vehicle. The attractive surface treatment maintains a strong Cupra identity on the front and in the lighting. With an elegant treatment on the inside.”


Silver Delta
Project: Jane Newel
Design: Dpto. De diseño interno de Jané & WhiteID
Company: Jané

Description: Folding ultra-compact pushchair. Its geometry gives it lightness, convenience and ease of use, devised especially for young babies and their families. The structure’s blocking system is protected by international patents.

Jury’s verdict: “For being a well-structured design, minimizing the use of materials, and its elegant and plain design language.”




Silver Delta
Project: Simon 270 Packaging
Design: Dpto. De diseño interno
Company: Simon

Description: Durable, practical and sustainable packaging that avoids having to tint the whole box, using the actual kraft colour and the corporate colour. Its design maximizes its visual presence in shops and distribution points.

Jury verdict: “For being a necessary sustainability statement from the industry: a packaging delivering function with less material, less ink and without plastic.”


Delta Career:


Company: BD Barcelona Design

ADI-FAD Board Assessment: The ADI-FAD Board has decided to present the Delta Award for Career to BD Barcelona Design. This enterprise has spent fifty years building a transgressive business model, helping to project the value of design as a phenomenon that is inseparable from culture.

Description: Founded in Barcelona in 1972 by Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici, Lluís Clotet, Oscar Tusquets, and Mireia Riera, with the initial support of Oriol Regàs, BD has been able to weave, over the years and avoiding trends, the collaboration of designers, artisans, industrialists and users with whom it has forged a non-conformist identity, sometimes irreverent, based on the culture of the project and the consideration for objects.

With the Delta Trajectory Award, ADI-FAD wishes to recognize the value of all those designers who, whether strategically leading the company or collaborating internally and externally in the development of new products, have made possible the consolidation of a project that was born 50 years ago.


ADI Medals Awards 2022

The ADI Medals, now in their 29th edition with the collaboration of the Banco Sabadell Foundation, are awards focused on young designers who present their final projects for bachelor’s, master’s or postgraduate degrees. This award aims to help build bridges between academia and industry, as well as to promote the talent of the younger generation.

Out of the 12 projects selected, the jury has decided to award 2 ADI Gold Medals Ex Aequo, 2 ADI Silver Medals, and 8 ADI Bronze Medals, which will receive trophies designed by Amalia Puga, winner of the 2020 Gold Medal.

The jury, formed this year by Mario Ruiz, Angela Rui, Amalia Puga, Anniina Koivu and Daniel Cid, has awarded the following projects:


Gold ADI Medal ex aequo
Project: Balisa
Design: Ariadna Sala Nadal
School: Elisava, Facultad de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona
Tutor: Danae Esparza Lozano

Jury’s verdict: This project makes the problem of child sexual abuse visible. Combining stories of real experiences with the knowledge of professionals, it presents a collection of customizable pieces adapted to each user. It is accompanied by an attractive and groundbreaking graphic communication.

Gold ADI Medal ex aequo
Project: Sway
Design: Xueyu Ji
School: IED Madrid
Tutor: José Camacho

Jury’s verdict: An everyday object that can be used by everyone and that solves a problem for many users. A measuring system adapted to blind people that manages to break down barriers and open the market to more inclusive products.


Silver ADI Medal
Project: One Side · Rehab made fun
Design: Diego Acosta Vidal
School: IED Madrid
Tutor: José Camacho, Jaime Vallhonrat

Jury’s verdict: A project capable of raising awareness and working for inclusion. An alternative proposal to improve the quality of life and the emotional situation of many people who have to face therapies and rehabilitation processes.


Silver ADI Medal
Project: Photodermis
Design: Gemma Morell Delgado
School: Elisava, Facultad de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona
Tutor: Jessica Fernández Cano, Francesc Ribot Puntí

Jury’s verdict: A speculative theoretical-scientific research that provides a sustainable vision of the fashion world and proposes an innovative use of digital fabrication. It addresses collective engagement and generates questions in the service of a technological and social rethinking.


Opinion ADI Medal
Project: O.A-MEAD
Design: Maria Muñarch Garcia
School: ESDAP Llotja
Tutor: Joel Casas Gonzalez

Description: Project in collaboration with the humanitarian organization Open Arms. It is a product for recovery and care, based on the design of a system to adapt a Decathlon stretcher and transform it for medical purposes, through 3D printing. By using digital manufacturing, openness and cooperation between entities, an economic product has been achieved that solves the need and is within the reach of humanitarian organizations.


ADI Culture Awards 2022

The ADI Culture Awards aim to promote public recognition of projects that help to promote and update social and conceptual product design, or that serve to encourage dialogue, ideas and initiatives of the discipline.

The 4th edition of the competition continues to connect with the current reality, where product design is present beyond objects, reaching cultural projects, events, exhibitions, installations, publications, documentaries and many other expressions that delve into the experimental field of research and innovation.

This year the jury was formed by Albert Fuster, Diego Ramos, Octavi Rofes, Raquel Quevedo and Stella Rahola. Of the 12 selected projects, the jury has awarded 1 ADI Cultura Gold, 2 ADI Cultura Silver, 1 ADI Cultura Mention, and 8 ADI Cultura Bronze. The winners are the following:


Gold Adi Culture
Project: MaDe – Materials Designers
Responsibles: Laura Clèries, Valentina Rognoli & Seetal Solanki
Entities: Elisava Research / Politecnico di Milano / Ma-tt-er
Category: Research and experimentation projects

Description: MaDe is a project co-financed by the EU Creative Europe Program, which promotes young talent towards circular economies. MaDe is a training platform, an award and a program of activities that highlight the positive impact of designers in the alternative creative industry. Material designers can redesign, reshape, repurpose, reuse and redefine materials by giving them a completely new purpose. They can research, advise, educate and do outreach on the materials of the immediate, near and distant future, implementing positive social, economic, political and environmental change to all sectors.

Jury’s assessment: It has been positively valued because it is an innovative and quality research project, promoted from a teaching and research center, with a good research communication management.


Silver ADI Culture + Opinion ADI Culture
Project: Disseny per a la inclusió. El procés com a resultat
Curatorship: Anaïs Esmerado
Entities: Associació Ojalá Projects, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Bau, Elisava, lCI, ESDAP, Idem, UOC, Intress, TEB Barcelona, ASIB y Metzineres
Category: Research and experimentation projects

Description: The project creates and applies innovation and design models to reflect and alleviate social and environmental inequalities through participatory processes between design students and vulnerable people. The objective is the identification of needs, the fostering of empathy and the promotion of design as an engine for integration. The starting point is an academic research that provides new solutions by promoting integrative synergies and working from a different perspective. The project thus emphasizes the process as a learning framework and fosters sensitivity in young people, who are the future members of society.

Jury’s assessment: The project promotes collaboration between educational centers and organizations for people in vulnerable situations. It proposes solutions from a social dimension of design and seeks to support the new generations of designers and to disassociate design from the elite.


Silver ADI Culture
Project: Institute for Postnatural Studies
Team: Gabriel Alonso, Yuri Tuma, Karol Muñozcano, Pablo Ferreira Navone & Matteo Guarnaccia
Category: Research and experimental projects

Description: The Institute for Postnatural Studies is a center for artistic experimentation from which to explore and problematize postnature as a framework for contemporary creation. Founded in 2020, it is posed as a platform for critical thinking and a networked place for artists and researchers dealing with issues related to the global ecological crisis. From a multidisciplinary approach and through experimental formats of exchange and open knowledge production, the project hosts seminars, workshops and residencies and develops exhibition curation and research projects. The Institute has a publishing line through the Cthulhu Books platform.

Jury’s assessment: Project promoted by an independent collective dedicated to the dissemination and critical thinking around post-nature as a framework for creation. Awarded for its activities, publications and research on current topics and issues related to the global ecological crisis.


ADI Culture Mention
Project: Objectes comuns. Històries locals, debats globals
Curatorship: Oriol Pibernat
Entities: Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
Category: Proyectos de divulgación

Description: New permanent exhibition of the product design collection of the Museu del Disseny organized in four sections: Itinerary, a chronological journey from the thirties to the present; Parliament, a space that displays a range of current issues and points out answers that are tested from the design; Variable exhibitions, a temporary exhibition within the permanent exhibition that dialogues with it; #Diseño_Barcelona. Design in the city, a look at the city from the point of view of design that is articulated through a computer application and a selection of urban furniture. The catalog includes pieces and texts from the exhibition plus two unpublished articles.

Jury’s assessment: It has been positively valued because it has renewed the permanent exhibition of the product design collection of the Museu del Disseny’s contextualizing the pieces and building a concrete, understandable and attractive story to bring industrial design closer to the general public.


ADI Culture Career

Project: Alfaro Hofmann Collection

ADI-FAD Board Assessment: The ADI-FAD Board has decided to present the ADI Culture Award for Career to the Alfaro Hofmann collection. This distinction seeks to recognize the effort to conserve and disseminate the heritage value of objects and to explain the industrial design profession through them.

Description: Considered one of the most important private collections in Europe in terms of industrial design, the collection currently includes more than six thousand objects, mainly household appliances, acquired since the late seventies by interior designer Andrés Alfaro Hofmann.

Everyday objects that allow us to understand the relationship between design and industry, and how constant technological and material improvements make possible the articulation of new formal archetypes, through which designers build products that contribute to the improvement of people’s well-being.