«The Best Design of the Year»


This exhibition features the shortlisted and prize-winning works of the awards organized by the FAD associations.

The 9th edition of «The Best Design of the Year» is mounted in collaboration with the Design Museum and comprises more than four hundred national and internacional works and projects, by both professionals and students. The exhibition features the shortlisted and prize-winning works of the awards organized by the FAD associations: the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication; the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design; the ArtsFAD Awards for artistic creation; and the MODA-FAD Awards for fashion design and industry, as well as the Habitácola Awards for architecture and design students.

The tandem of architects and graphic designers Sarquella Torres + Forma is the new team responsible for designing the montage and graphic campaign of the exhibition.



The best graphic design and visual communication of the year

The 59th edition of the ADG Laus Awards present the best graphic design and visual communication projects. The leading trends are shown, such as the revival of the poster, and the importance of art direction, design applied to immersive experinces and interactive innovation. Furthermore, the exhibition presents some of the most recognisible works of Ana Zelich, TV branding professional and winner of the Laus d’Honor 2019.



The best space design of the year

FAD Architectural and Interior Design Awards celebrate their 61st edition by highlighting the amount of large format single-family houses and the great moment of vitality and creation among the interiorism field. «The Best Design of the Year» also shows International FAD Awards, FAD Awards of Thought and Criticism, and Habitacola Awards, a competition run by students under the name «The Street Stall» about reflection on furniture for public and communal use.



The best fashion design of the year

MODA-FAD Awards 2nd edition presents the winners which are highlighted by their contribution to design and fashion industry, by working in different tracks of the field. The show presents the winners looks, both professionals and Sustainability Students Awards, and the Honor Prize 2019, awarded to Pedro Rovira by MODA-FAD board.



The best artistic creation of the year

ArtsFAD Awards present its finalists, 38 art pieces highlighted by their concept, material quality and technical execution. As it happened before, artistic trends are reflected on the exhibtion, where the visitor can see art pieces made on fine materials or those considered poor. Both of them are treated with great technical quality and detail. Besides, opposite languages are combined to create «textile paintings«, «soft sculptures», «graphic fotography» and «visual literary works».

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