Winners of the ADI Awards 2018


The winners of the Delta Awards, aimed at professionals and companies, the ADI Medals for students and the ADI Culture Awards.

The prize-giving ceremony of the ADI Awards 2018 took place on 14 June at 8 pm. These prizes, organized by the ADI-FAD Industrial Design Association, bring together the principal recognitions in the field of industrial and product design in Spain: the Delta Awards for industrial design professionals and businesses, awarded since 1961; the ADI Medals for product design students, awarded since 1976; and the ADI Culture Awards for projects that foster and elevate the culture of design.

The ADI Awards 2018 prize-giving closed the programme of the Barcelona Design Week, organized jointly by the FAD and the BCD. During the ceremony, members of ADI-FAD and attendees could vote and award the Opinion Prize to one of the shortlisted projects in each one of the three awards.

All shortlisted and prize-winning products of the three prizes that comprise the ADI Awards are showcased in «The Best Design of the Year» exhibition, which features the shortlisted and prize-winning projects entered in the various awards organized by the FAD associations and which is open to visitors at the Disseny Hub Barcelona until 14 October 2018. Furthermore, all the projects shortlisted by the different juries of the ADI Awards 2018 form part of the ADI Book.


Delta Awards 2018


A total of 85 shortlisted projects were this year eligible for the Delta Awards, which staged their 39th edition and have become consolidated as the platform for the public recognition and promotion of any innovative products that propose conceptual renewals, display environmental and sustainability concerns and are at the same time an example of design and fabrication quality.

The jury, comprising Luca Nichetto, designer and founder of the interdisciplinary Nichettostudio; Isabel Lopez, interior designer; Anna Cybulska, director of Communication and Interior Design at IKEA Spain; Pepe García, product designer and founder of the Culdesac studio; and Joan Forrellad, vice president of Design and Marketing at Jané, decided to award 5 Gold Deltas and 10 Silver Deltas to the following projects:


Products for people:


Gold Delta
Project: Melic, kangaroo method
Design: Maria Vayreda Duran
Company: Lamardebé, Tetex Canarias SA

The jury’s appraisal: For its simplicity, natural use, multifunctionality for mother and child. The product works not just as a mere accessory but also as an extension of the body itself.


Silver Delta
Project: Enna cycle
Design: Ernest Perera Design Studio
Company: EcareYou Innovation SL

The jury’s appraisal: For being a simple, user-friendly and attractive system that shows empathy and connects with the user.


Silver Delta
Project: UDX
Design: Nacar Design
Company: Nicolás Correa SA

The jury’s appraisal: For addressing a highly technical problem through an elegant, versatile and multifunctional piece. It is remarkable for its low energy consumption and provides aesthetic beauty in an industrial environment.


Indoor products:


Gold Delta
Project: Tekiò
Design: Anthony Dickens
Company: Santa & Cole

The jury’s appraisal: For having created a lighting system that uses a traditional material, paper, and applies artisan techniques in a timeless product.


Silver Delta
Project: Bridge Collection
Design: Oriolc Guimerà, Joan Cinca
Company: Fontini

The jury’s appraisal: For redesigning the classic light switch in a fun, simple and elegant way. For its flexibility in possible combinations of finishes and for creating a new gesture in the interaction with the switch.


Silver Delta
Project: Pointer
Design: Rubén Saldaña
Company: Arkoslight

The jury’s appraisal: For being a product in a highly technical category, easily and practically addressing the issue of working with the directionality of light.


Special Mention
Project: Gata
Design: Miguel Milá, Gonzalo Milá
Company: Expormim

The jury’s appraisal: For giving prominence to a traditional material and techniques, resulting in very good ergonomics and comfort.


Outdoor products:


Gold Delta
Project: Trébol
Design: Gerard Arqué
Company: Escofet 1886

The jury’s appraisal: For a Mediterranean and organic design identified as a neo-modernism inherent to Barcelona. An example of the relevance of using decorative paving in urban furniture.


Silver Delta
Project: Rai
Design: Olga Tarrasó, Julià Espinas
Company: Santa & Cole

The jury’s appraisal: For being an honest, versatile, dynamic and simple design that is capable of adapting to multiple spaces and different scenarios.


Silver Delta
Project: Toledo Aire
Design: Jorge Pensi
Company: Resol

The jury’s appraisal: For democratizing a classic of Spanish design, reissued in a lighter, more affordable material.


Products for mobility:


Gold Delta
Project: oh_24
Design: Estudioh!_bike
Company: oh!_bike Factoria

The jury’s appraisal: For creating a basic electric bicycle that looks under-designed but is practical, lightweight and attractive.
“that’s it, you just catch it and go to work.”


Silver Delta
Project: Volta bcn 2017
Design: Ànima Barcelona
Company: Volta Motorbike

The jury’s appraisal: For producing a motorcycle that achieves very good proportions, with a clean design that elegantly conceals a battery.


Silver Delta
Project: Dragonfly
Design: Jordi Milà (Jordi Milà Studio)
Company: Mecatecno

The jury’s appraisal: For bringing electrification to a new typology of trial motorbike.


International design:


Gold Delta
Project: Palco Low Voltage
Design: Artec3 Studio
Company: iGuzzini illuminazione

The jury’s appraisal: For being a very simple way of trimming the light and expanding the possibilities of how to light up an area within a space. It makes the most of the LED’s change in paradigm in a gesture that is very easy to apply.


Silver Delta
Project: Handy Bowl & Colander Set
Design: Emiliana Design Studio (Ana Mir, Emili Padrós)
Company: Ekobo

The jury’s appraisal: For its innovation in applying the use of a new material to rinsing fruit or vegetables, making this everyday act more sustainable and playful.


Silver Delta
Project: Hello Functionals Multi-Bottle Opener
Design: Jordi Pla
Company: WMF

The jury’s appraisal: For incorporating two functions into a single piece. A simple, intuitive and good-looking product.


Delta Opinion Prize:

Project: Landscape
Design: Emiliana Design Studio (Ana Mir, Emili Padrós)
Company: Figueras International Seating

Description: A versatile seating system for group waiting areas, conceived for creating dynamic and flexible settings. Landscape encourages communication between users and allows elements to be incorporated. Following eco-design criteria, all of its components are detachable, recyclable and easy to identify.


ADI Medals Awards 2018


The ADI Medals are open to young designers with a Dissertation Project approved between 2016 and this current competition, with the support of the Banc Sabadell Foundation. Of a total of 13 shortlisted projects, the jury decided to award 3 ADI Medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze). The winners will receive a trophy designed by Roc Miranda, winner of the Gold ADI Medal 2016.

The jury of the ADI Medals, comprised of Emili Padrós, Harry Paul Van Ierssel, Stefano Maffei and Roc Miranda, decided to award the following prizes:


Gold ADI Medal
Project: Minial
Design: Mireia Mesalles López
Escuela: ESDi Escola Superior i Disseny
Tutor: Guiu Llusà

The jury’s appraisal: A project deserving recognition for making improvements in the usability of new products for feminine intimate hygiene. Minial connects with the sensibilities and needs of contemporary women, encouraging reuse and contributing to a reduction in waste and resources.


Silver ADI Medal
Project: Melit
Design: Adrià Margall Planella
Escuela: ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona
Tutor: Danae Esparza, Salva Fàbregas, Xavier Tutó

The jury’s appraisal: Recognized for achieving a very well documented and executed project resolution. Melit stands out for the innovative use of traditional materials and above all for promoting awareness of a present-day problem: the creeping disappearance of bees from our cities.


Bronze ADI Medal
Project: Without
Design: Marta Torrentó i Serra
Escuela: ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona
Tutor: Raquel Llaberia

The jury’s appraisal: A project of great aesthetic beauty, recognized for experimenting with new textile materials that allows pieces to be assembled without seams or added materials, transforming 2D laser cutting into 3D textile products.


ADI Medal Special Mention
Project: AUX!
Design: Inés Antón Losada
Escuela: ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona
Tutor: Josep Puig i Cabezas

The jury’s appraisal: For a project that echoes a humanitarian drama occurring every day in the Mediterranean Sea. AUX provides a low-tech emergency solution made from local materials and means to try to save the lives of child migrants in their sea crossings.


ADI Opinion Medal
Project: KIN
Design: Miguel Ángel Amengual Perelló
Escuela: ESDAP Catalunya. Llotja Campus.
Tutor: Guillem Ferran

Description: A system of urban bird boxes for recovering and reintroducing small native birds in cities. A mixture of cement, aggregate and natural fibres reduces the weight while maintaining the material’s physical characteristics, resulting in an insulating, lightweight and recyclable composite.


ADI Culture Awards 2018


The ADI Culture Awards seek to promote the recognition of any projects that contribute to the social and conceptual fostering and updating of product design or that serve to incentivize dialogue, ideas and the activity of the discipline. These awards have two categories: Project, which recognizes a project undertaken in the past three years, and Trajectory, which aims to pay tribute to people or institutions with an outstanding influence on the world of design.

The jury is comprised of Martín Azúa, Valentín Roma, Anna Puigjaner and Ethel Baraona Pohl, the last one being the winner of the previous edition of the ADI Culture Award in 2016.


ADI Culture Award for Project (jointly awarded)
Project: Humanium Metal by IM
People responsible: Peter Brune, Miguel A. Barreiro, Simon Marke Gran, Johan Pihl, Humanium Metal

The jury’s appraisal: The project invites us to rebel against necropolitics, a type of sovereignty based on human extermination, which they oppose by disarming contemporary violence.


ADI Culture Award for Project (jointly awarded)
Project: Topografies del sensellarisme (Topographies of Homelessness)
People responsible: Daniel Cid, Francesc Pla, Eva Serrats, Arrels Fundació

The jury’s appraisal: The project deals with economic dispossession and social marginalization through a non-negotiable banner: people are neither what they have nor what they do not have, they are what they choose or prefer.


ADI Culture Mention for Project
Project: GRIGRI Pixel
Person responsible: Susana Moliner Delgado

The jury’s appraisal: A project for creative collaboration through the sphere of cultures: collaborating for learning.


ADI Culture Opinion Prize
Project: Llums de nadal Raval Km0 (Christmas lights)
People responsible: Curro Claret, Maria Güell. Impulsen SCCL, Fundació Tot Raval

Description: A project to illuminate several streets in Barcelona’s Raval district, generating a process of training, production and tutoring unemployed people in the production of the Christmas arches that illuminate the streets. It was developed in an environment that encourages networking and the participation of the community and involved several organizations, institutions and collectives.


ADI Culture Award for Trajectory 2018

Trajectory: Gustavo Gili publishing house
The jury’s appraisal: For a trajectory that has always been characterized by rigour, consistency, research and the dissemination of the culture of design.

Special Mention ADI Culture Trajectory

Trajectory: Anna Calvera
The jury’s appraisal: For her career as a design theoretician, historian and academic touchstone; she has contributed to defining and recognizing design as a profession.