Enjoia’t Awards 2021 shortlisted pieces


Recognition for contemporary jewellery pieces that question and transgress the limits of contemporary jewellery creation itself.

A-FAD organizes the 26th edition of Enjoia’t Contemporary Jewellery Awards with a full activity programme. The most relevant is the international call, announcing the results: 26 shortlisted pieces, 13 from Professional category and 13 from Student category.

The shortlisted pieces will take part on the Enjoia’t exhibition from 23rd September to 24th October at Disseny Hub Barcelona building (-1 floor).

Professional category

Boyang Ten, «Indivisible»

Elin Flognman, «Blackbird Potato»

Eva Fernandez, «Ms»


Joana Santos, «Milk Edition»


Lorena Lazard, «Vasija 1»


Mariko Kumon, «Desazón»

Namkyung Lee, «Stranger»


Natalia Tarasova, Tatiana Tarasova, «Africa»


Nicole Bauer, «Onto»


Nora Sarlack,«Apocalipsis Actual»


Taibe Palacios, «Archetype»


Ute van der Plaats, «Paradise papers brooch»


Youjin Um, «Overlay Structure II-1»


Student category

Aina Térmens, «A recer»


Hairuo Ding, «Viscera Sensus»


Jiyai Zhang, «Jin Zhi Yu Ye»


Jingwen Yuan, «Calculating Poetry»


Marta Alonso, «Anisotropia»


Marta Morilla, «Máquina El Pulso»

Misato Takahashi, «The World Within The Origin #1»


Olivia Linnéa, «MELO.s»


Pei Wu, «I try to hide until you show up»


Qin Xu, «Shell Spoons»

Suyu Chen, «Almost Blossom»


Yihan Yuan, «Peeling Birch»


Zhipeng Wang, «Identity Ring»