Datemats, designing with emerging materials and technologies


A sample of the rich panorama of knowledge and tools being generated by the Datemats project to transfer information on new materials from universities to enterprise and professionals.

Fostering creativity and stimulating innovation processes is possible in many cases thanks to the emergence of new materials and technologies that lead to obtaining more sustainable solutions while reinforcing the product’s language in experiential and sensory terms.

To speed up market penetration of emerging materials and technologies we need to activate knowledge transfer from universities and research centres to professionals and enterprise.

The European Datemats project, which gathers together experts from 6 countries, was launched with the aim of developing and testing open methodological and educational resources (OERs) that would drive this transfer.

This exhibition is an initial approximation to the rich panorama of knowledge and tools the project is generating, taking as its starting point 4 areas of emerging materials and technologies: interactive, connected and smart materials, nanomaterials, bio-based materials (mainly wood) and materials from self-regenerating crops.


Guided tour at IG Live

Next Wednesday, October 27 at 6:30 p.m. you can join the virtual guided tour of the exhibition. Venere Ferraro, project leader and wearables expert, and Robert Thompson, nanomaterials expert and scientific director of MATERFAD, will guide you through the four areas of emerging materials and technologies present in the show and explain the Datemats methodology. You can follow her at @datematseu.