Sustainable Challenge Open Expert Talks


Experts in different disciplines related to sustainability in the fashion industry will give talks open to the public.

Within the framework of the «Sustainable Challenge: Industrial Symbiosis, a Booster to Circular Fashion», a joint initiative of MODA-FAD, Design Manchester and the British Council, which aims to rethink the future of the sector from the point of view of sustainability, a series of talks given by experts and professionals from United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal will take place in a streaming open to the public. The talks will be held in English and Spanish.

The online conferences program aims to present the experience of experts and provide knowledge about the industrial symbiosis and inspiration to the 48 students participating in the Sustainable Challenge for the development of their proposals and projects that will be presented online to the public on November 19th.

For the talks we will have the presence of representatives of the organizing institutions that will introduce the sessions: Núria Mora (President of MODA-FAD), Malcolm Garrett (Artistic Director at Design Manchester) and Ludovic Assemat (Head of Arts at British Council Spain). The sessions will be led and moderated by the project curators, Elizabeth Cardwell and Verónica Kuchinow.

The conference days will take place on October 25 and 26, within the framework of the Barcelona Design Week.




5:00 pm – Institutional presentation

5:05 pm – Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney is a multi-award winning broadcaster, published author, production company founder, Magpie, activist and life enthusiast.
Gemma is best known for her work on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music. She is currently presenting her own weekly radio show Nightwaves Radio.



Gemma has presented many documentaries for radio for BBC 6 Music. Tempted By Teacher and Bruising Silence (BBC Radio 1) have seen her awarded two Sony Golds and her interview of Grace Jones for Amazing Grace (BBC 6 Music) won the Best Music Show Rose d’Or.


5:30 pm – Carlos León Perfecto
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment approach on Fashion Design

Carlos León will describe LCSA (Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment) methodology and will explain how it can be applied from the early design stages of a product. It refers to the evaluation of all environmental, social and economic impacts throughout a product life cycle.



During 15 years, Carlos Leon worked at the Technology Department of a top 5 WTG manufacturer in different positions related to product and technology design and development. He co-founded Sustainn in 2014, one of the first circular economy consultancies in Spain. Since then, I have been a Circular Economy & C2C consultant, teacher and mentor, giving training to hundreds of people and writing numerous posts & articles about circular economy.


5:50 pm – Andrew Ibi
New Fashion Practice in Action

An overview and presentation centring on E.Macbean’s ‘live’ design practice and existence outside of traditional, commercial fashion agendas. The presentation explores ideas on sustainable development, technical ‘craft’ process and the purpose of fashion practice in a digital age.



Andrew Ibi is an Academic, Designer and Entrepreneur. Ibi launched his eponymous brand before opening cult, retail concept, The Convenience Store, in 2008 – stocking Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Maison Margiela to name a few. He currently heads the fashion department at Liverpool John Moores Uni and is an associate Professor at Middlesex University. Ibi currently runs sustainable arthouse fashion brand, E.Macbean with his partner. He is the co-founder of Face and the Bold Creative Agency. Ibi sits on the British Fashion Steering Committee for Race Equality and Equity.


6:15 pm – Enric Carrera and Heura Ventura
Sustainability: Challenges and opportunities for the textile sector

The conference aims stating the current situation of the textile sector towards sustainability and the problems that arise along the textile value chain. This situation leads to technological and research challenges, but also to interesting business opportunities.



Enric Carrera is PhD in Textile Engineering, Associate Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) with more than 30 years of experience, and currently, the Director of the Institute of Textile Research and Industrial Cooperation of Terrassa (INTEXTER-UPC). His research fields are related to textile physics, objective quality evaluation of textiles, and sustainability-related topics.

Heura Ventura is Product and Materials Engineer, and holds a PhD in Textile Engineering. She is member of INTEXTER-UPC, and has been teaching and researching at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for near 10 years, focusing her research in textile-reinforced composite materials, advanced textile applications, and sustainable textile products.





5:00 pm – Tash Willcocks
Sticky Problems do not need sticky plasters

In a world of sticky (or wicked) problems it sometimes feels like searching for answers is impossible, it calls for alternative ways of thinking and openly challenging yourself and the team. To quote de Bono “You cannot look in a new direction by looking harder in the same direction”



Tash has spent over 20 years shaping future change-makers in the creative industry, previously as Programme Leader of the BA and MA Graphic Design course at Salford University then as Director of Masters Europe at Hyper Island working with international students and businesses such as BBC, EY, Unilever & Adidas. A project with the UN developed into a larger brief with two of the students pitching to the UN & at SxSW. Tash was made an Honorary Fellow when she left and sits on the Global Academic Board. Tash also has spoken all over the globe at events such as Octoberfest Munich, TedX Manchester, Creative Mornings Gothenburg & for HEC in San Francisco.


5:25 pm – Francesc Sola
Sustainable challenges in carding spinning mill

“Sustainability” is the major tendance in the second most polluting industrial the world. There are numerous initiatives that are committed to the circular economy, “”0 waste and the protection of the environment, but… is there really a commitment to this type of responsible consumption? With the examples of the problems and the projects that we carry out in Hilaturas Arnau, we want to make known the reality and especially the challenges posed by this sector orientation in the recycled yarn production process.

Consultant and trainer in foreign trade, Law degree and specialist in marketing and market access. He has piloted Area Manager projects in different textile companies such as spinning, accessories, fabric manufacturers and others. He combines his professional work with specialized training in Business Schools (EADA; ESNI) Chambers of commerce and private companies.


5:45 pm – Mark Shayler
It’s not sufficient to do things better, we need to do better things

How do we earn more money by selling less stuff? How do we reverse the climate crisis? How do we solve the myriad of sustainability challenges we face? This talk will use pop music to illustrate the power of design to make things better, and to make better things.



Mark is a sustainable design and innovation expert with 30 years experience. Author of two books, director of Ape and Reasons to be Cheerful. He has saved his clients 1000s or tonnes of carbon and $150 million through better design and new product development. He was one of the original team that started the Great Recovery that looked at the link between design and the circular economy. He is a founding partner of the Do Lectures.


6:10 pm – Celina Tamagnini
Closing the loop in the workwear industry

For Celina Tamagnini, textil is the new plastic. A big opportunity for corporations to increase their sustainable commitments for a better planet and people by introducing their values in their uniforms. A big challenge for a start-up with disruptive business model and processes.



In 2019, after 20 years working for communications departments across diverse sectors, a change in direction saw her create Circoolar, a business with a positive impact on people and the planet. Her mission: Female empowerment. Her saying: “It doesn’t matter what you’ve been, what matters is whom you aspire to be”.


6:30 pm – Salomé Areias

Salomé is an activist passionate about consumer behaviour. She studied fashion design and fashion sociology between Lisbon and Buenos Aires and soon realised fashion trends were not a realistic portrayal of our culture, but instead a strategy to fuel perceived obsolescence. Her ideas about fashion having slower culturally-biased trends in 2010 took her to Science of the Time, Trendwolves, and PSFK. Also teaching and speaking in several events about consumer behaviour, and working as a product manager, she lived in Ghent, Zhuhai, and Luanda.

As the founder of the Fashion Revolution Portugal in 2014, she dug deeper into Sustainability and wondered if transparency within supply chains was enough to make people act collectively towards climate justice. Recent findings on psychoanalysis and mindfulness inspired her to pursue a PhD at CENSE on how to raise consumer awareness through these practices, for which she was granted an FCT scholarship under the PhD program in Environment and Sustainability at NOVA School of Science and Technology.