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Being the FAD’s collaborator or sponsor company has its benefits*! From discounts to brand activation actions, find out how much we can do for you and your company to reach the FAD public

* Depending on the profile and on the brand interests, we will advise you on establishing links with the FAD project and/or association that best fits in with your goals. Please contact us and let’s get to know each other!


Co-programming of
FAD — Company activities

You can co-programme activities with the FAD that target our public (mostly architecture and design students and professionals). As well as collaborating in the activity’s dissemination, we will support you with resources such as the loaning of spaces and by providing coffee, water and/or beer for the attendees.

Product placement and testings

From a participation with consumable products to the integration of small-, medium- or large-format elements. As a collaborator or sponsor company, you will enjoy several possibilities for placing and advertising your products within the various activities we organise.

Participating with brand content in FAD activities

We will integrate the brand content into the FAD activities. We will disseminate your company’s knowhow through conferences and presentations such as The Making of , Materbrunch, Showcase etc.


You may locate stands in big-impact activities or functions (FADfest, Demo, Design Market, prize-giving ceremonies, etc.) and if you wish, we will advise you on the assembly and/or design of the space.


Brand presence

To link your brand to the FAD is to link it to its values! Your logo can have a presence in high-visibility spots such as the Disseny Hub Barcelona building (the FAD headquarters), online mediums such as websites and newsletters and “printed” mediums such as digital panels, banners, books, award catalogues, posters, postcards and pamphlets.

Mention on
social media

The social networks are a very important part of the FAD’s communication strategy because our public is a very active part of it and enjoys constant growth. Through the FAD profiles we will disseminate and interact with any of your brand contents that may be of interest to our followers.

Visibility on website and newsletters

Through the FAD’s online channels we will disseminate your joining us as a collaborator or sponsor. Furthermore, we will support you in disseminating your brand-related news (on novelties, awards, events, etc.) and news items associated with design or culture in general.


You will enjoy free-of-charge and discounted FAD advertising spaces (website, newsletter, FADnews, catalogues, FADfest programme, etc.).


Advisory service in organising competitions and other design strategies

As a collaborator or sponsor company, we will advise you on design strategies such as organising competitions, exhibitions and other brand-related communication activities associated with the sector.

Networking with industry professionals

Each FAD event and activity is an opportunity for making new contacts! As a collaborator or sponsor company, you will enjoy VIP tickets and we will introduce you to any industry professionals you wish to meet.

Materfad, training and consultancy on new materials

Barcelona’s innovative materials centre offers you free access (with prior appointment) and an initial free R&D consultancy service. You will also receive invitations to the different training sessions on new materials regularly scheduled by the centre.

Industry-related current affairs

The email addresses of the company you give us will receive: FAD clippings (biweekly), the FADnews newsletter (weekly), the Designbeats newsletter and the newsletters of any of the FAD associations you request.

Loaning of spaces in the Disseny Hub Barcelona

The Disseny Hub Barcelona building, the headquarters of the FAD and of other institutions such as the Design Museum and the BCD, has become one of the key centres in the city for programming activities relating to the creative industries. As a collaborator or sponsor company, you may request spaces (rental is free of charge, you only pay for expenses generated by the event: cleaning, security, staging, etc.) for scheduling brand-related activities such as conferences, presentations, press conferences, meetings, etc. You can consult the characteristics and public rental rates here.

Free passes and discounts with your member card

As a collaborator or sponsor company, we will give you a FAD member card that will accredit you for enjoying discounts and free passes in a selection of leading shops and services in the sector such as free admission to the Design Museum or free access to the Architects’ Association Library. With the member card you will also enjoy free passes or discounts to paying FAD activities and in registering for the different awards (ADI, ADG-LAUS, Art-FAD and FAD Architecture).


Interests: Architecture and interior design / Graphic design / Industrial design / Fashion design / Art and the crafts / Audiovisual communication and marketing / New materials and technologies / Creativity, innovation and trends / Education in arts and design







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* FAD Barcelona's social profiles. March 2017 data.

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