During the first semester of 2015, the FAD, with the support of Mazda Rebels, is scheduling a series of events to learn and debate about objects and concepts that trigger, promote, and feed social change through design.


Mazda Space. 19h (C/ Comerç 60)

Collaborative Design and Democracy

Frugal Digital. Solutions for the Community

Vinay Venkatraman, head of Frugal Digital.

Let's build community by changing the school yard

Montse Pedret, social educator and anthropologist.
Lucia Zandigiacomi, architect.

Presenting and moderating: Xavier Bas.
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Past events

Mazda Space. 19h (C/ Comerç 60)

Design, Protest and Contention

Poster for tomorrow

Hervé Martiné, co-founder and organiser.


Leónidas Martín, member of the Enmedio collective.

Presenting and moderating: Leonardo Novelo.
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Mazda Space. 19h (C/ Comerç 60)

Design, Inclusion and Health


Ferran Busquets, director at Arrels Fundació.
Lluís Serra, author of a typeface.

Pal Joc, Saline Solution

Guillermo Puche, caregiver and inventor of Pal Joc Scooter.
Raquel Melero, product designer.

Presenting and moderating: Jesús Ángel Prieto.
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16/04. 18h.
Main event: Talks + Discussion

FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona, Pl. de les Glòries 37-38) - map     @fadbarcelona     #xarxesopinio

Design and Social Change

Design plays an intrinsic role as an agent for social transformation. From a letter to a city, we have always had a vast spectrum for exercising it, with many levels of results. There are even some professionals and collectives who have been able to contribute through their work to the beneficial configuration of society.

During the central session of the Design and Social Transformation programme, we will reflect and debate with experts and professionals from different fields on ideas and concepts that promote or hinder social transformation through design.

Ideas and the importance of believing in them

Martin Andersen
Artist, responsible for Solspeil and Mazda Rebel.

vídeo "Solspeil"

New times, new society. A different design?

Joan Subirats
Tenured professor of Political Science at the UAB and researcher in IGOP.

currículum @subirats9

Cultural practices in countries in conflict

Francesca Recchia
Writer and independent researcher specialist on creative practices in countries in conflict. Author of Devices of Political Action, Picnic in a Minefield and The Little Book of Kabul.

www.kiccovich.net @kiccovich

Graphic design for a better world?

Nacho Clemente
Designer and graphic activist, design professor and author of the Ecográfica blog.

www.nachoclemente.net @nacho_clemente

Concentric circles of design

Tamar Shafrir
Author of New roles for designers. Writer, designer and member of Space Caviar.

www.tamarshafrir.com @tamars

Presented by:
Leonardo Novelo
Member of ARQUIN-FAD and founder of INPUTmap.

Moderated by:
Ethel Baraona
Writer, critic and curator. Co-founder of dpr-barcelona.

Mazda Space. 19h (C/ Comerç 60)

Frugal Design and Self‐Production

Inteligencias Colectivas

Juanito Jones, networker at Plataforma Zoohaus.


Carlos Bajo Erro. Freelance journalist specialised in ICTs use for social transformation in Africa and Actua y comunica blog's author.

Blanca Callén. GREDITS Group (BAU) researcher, Master in Research and Experimentation Design BAU co-director and member of Recyhub and Mend * rs.

Presenting and moderating: Curro Claret.
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