Design, Protest and

Design is linked to protest and contention. Historically it has been a creative weapon for influencing the political, the cultural and the social in the shaping of our environment. Today, the relationship that exists between design and activism has become inalienable.

The goal of “Design, Protest and Contention” is to deal with this relationship and, at the discussion table, detect the interconnecting points that emerge from the perspective of a couple of consonant design strategies: the graphic campaign Poster for tomorrow by the 4tomorrow group and the Reflectantes (Reflecting) devices as objects for resistance used in demonstrations and produced by the Enmedio collective.


Mazda Space. 19h (C/ Comerç 60)

Poster for tomorrow

Poster for tomorrow is the principal project of 4tomorrow, an independent not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Paris.

Our objective is to encourage people both from inside and outside the design community to create posters that stimulate debate on topics that affect us all. In our six previous editions we received more than 15,000 posters from 133 countries and produced more than 400 exhibitions on the 5 continents.

It all began in 2009 when, hand in hand with a group of designers as a way of drawing attention to the censorship suffered by people all over the world, it turned into an international campaign in favour of freedom of expression. It was followed by others: for the abolition of the death penalty, in favour of the right to education, gender equality, the right to a home and a fair job.

A poster is an easy format to make and distribute. On a broader level it constitutes an attractive and accessible platform from which to express thoughts, incite reflection and create a debate across all of society.

Thanks to the collaboration of Adobe, attendees will be able to take away with them one of the ten posters from the Poster for Tomorrow "Work Right!" campaign.

Hervé Matiné
co-founder and organiser of Poster for tomorrow


First, a warning: we Reflectors are not invincible superheroes, nor is our enemy a super-villain arrived from a rare and distant planet. None of that. We Reflectors are ordinary people, people you find on the street, like you or like that other guy, like 99% of the population. And our enemies are actually made of flesh and blood. They can be vanquished.

Moreover, we don’t actually have superpowers. All we have that is out of the ordinary is a shiny outfit we have made ourselves out of aluminium foil, plus a couple of odd tools: the Reflecting Ray and the Inflatable Infallible. Nothing out of this world, very simple things that you can easily make yourself at home, because that is what it’s all about: turning somebody into a Reflector when the time comes, when they have had enough, when they become indignant and say: «Enough! This far and no further».

When the market script says resignation and pain, when it says unemployment, recession and poverty; when faced with social protest, to which governments respond with repression and prohibitions, and when people lose their jobs and their homes so that the banks don’t have to suffer, then... in your face! Here come the Reflectors ready to reflect Evil against itself.

Leónidas Martín
member of the Enmedio collective

Presenting and moderating: Leonardo Novelo.
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