Enjoia’t Awards 2019 selected jewellers


This award recognises the proposal that questions and transgress the limits of contemporary jewellery through its originality, technical quality and the conceptual richness.

A-FAD organizes the 25th edition of Enjoia’t Awards, which recognizes the most risky and advanced within the sector.

This year’s jury has selected 13 pieces in the Professional category and 14 pieces in the Student Category. This year, there are jewellers from 14 countries: Oman Sultante, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Stonia, United States, China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Japan, Chile, France and Spain.

The selected pieces will be exhibited from the 27th of September at Disseny Hub Barcelona building Room B. The winners (Professional and Student category, as well as Misui Prize) will be announced on the awards-giving ceremony the 12th of October. The attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the winner of the Opinion Award, who will be crowned with a piece designed by Art la Industrial School students.

Here are the shortlisted pieces:


Professional Category


Author: Bifei Cao
Title: A hidden scar


Author: Cedric Chevalley
Title: Mobius made of 3 donuts


Author: Elwy Schutten
Title: How does culture influence your identity?


Author: EunYoung Seo
Title: Withered plants; symbols of the time bloomed through time


Author: Eva Mazana
Title: Encantada de conocernos


Author: Jieun Park
Title: Naked the dreamers


Author: Meiri Ishida
Title: Aperto


Author: Monoco
Title: Infragility XIII


Author: Motoko Furuhashi
Title: University Avenue


Author: PÿR
Title: Momento Mori


Author: Rita Soto
Title: Quiltra


Author: Ruudt Peters
Title: Suctus “Sucana”


Author: Youjin Um
Title: Hexagonal Kaleidoscope



Student Category

Author: Little tit
Title: Degustación Microscópica


Author: Amal Al-Ismaili
Title: Saqal


Author: Bárbara Laso
Title: Tú y yo tenemos puntos de unión


Author: Beatrice Bizot
Title: Espacio desplegable


Author: Eva Fortuño
Title: Linja


Author: Lingjie Wang
Title: Strange familiarity


Author: Maria Caballero


Author: Ning Yuan & Pei Xing
Title: Traces with a smile


Author: Patricia Tamayo
Title: Qui m’ha tocat?


Author: Rosie Gunzburg
Title: Dunes #2


Author: Sara Mas
Title: Almas latentes


Author: Sofia Eriksson
Title: Beyond the skin


Author: Hansel Tai
Title: Nude jade pierced


Author: Zihan Yang
Title: D.H. VII