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from 9:00 to 10:00
P. 93 485 13 95
S. Pallars 85, 1r 2a
Atipus is a graphic communication studio, created in Barcelona in 1998.

We are a team of expert professionals, trained in various disciplines; corporate identity, art direction, packaging design, and web services. Our aim is to communicate through good graphic work, conceptually and simply.

from 10:00 to 11:00
P. 93 303 33 18
S. Pellaires, 30-38

Established in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona, in the precincts of Palo Alto since 1989, Salasstudio is part of a collective formed by different disciplinesWe work with determination on our projects, where the main objective is to always provide the optimum solution for the job at hand, searching for a compromise between the fundamental duality of form and function. Our greatest satisfaction is to see how our work remains valid throughout time, consistent with our work vision. Although our studio specializes in Interior Design, we believe creativity manifests in very different ways. That is why Salasstudio also includes other disciplines, such as Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphics, Illustration and Photography. We love our work, and this means we develop it every day with the same enchantment as the first.


from 11:00 to 12:00
P. 93 551 62 76 / 637 738 679
S. Llacuna 162, Barcelona (Barcelona Activa)

Nutcreatives represents a global view of design that is inspired by nature but is always mindful of the people as a starting point. We think that Design is a System, and sustainability, ecological transparence, social issues and local economy development must be the core of our business.


from 12:00 to 13:00
P. 93 356 84 05
S. Pamplona, 96-104 local nš 12 

Lagranja Design is a Barcelona based design firm located in an industrial nave in Poble Nou. Known for its creative talent, Lagranja is integrated by a multidisciplinary team and is structured in 3 departments: Interior Design, Product Design, and Ephemeral Installations. In 2010 Lagranja opens an office in Hong Kong where the development of the Madera Hotel is currently in progress. Lagranja recently finished the Almogavers Business Factory  comissioned by the Barcelona City Council.


from 13:00 to 14:00
P. 93 211 08 75
S. Carrer de Llull, 51

Grapa.ws is an interactive agency that defines itself as the agency from Samoa Islands based in Barcelona, this definition already implies a particular way of doing. 12 years as a specialized digital agency is a hard travel that needs a different attitude, a team of 12 people made up of creative designers, strategists, specialists in Social Media, Developers and Project Managers .. all very Samoan fauna.


from 14:00 to 15:00
P. 932 531 780
S. Āvila, 71-75, ātic

Formed by art directors and graphic designers, Ruiz+Company is a creative studio specialising in branding, graphic design and advertising for clients from the world of fashion, retail and general industry. The company was recently hailed as the Creative Studio of the Decade from among 5000 sector professionals, through a  survey run by El Publicista magazine. With its work published in countless international magazines and books,  this studio has thus far amassed 116 awards at the world’s foremost design and advertising festivals.


from 15:00 to 16:00
P. 93 320 91 00
S. Zamora 91-95, sobreātic 3

Within a pure space and minimalist style, the items of jewellery are presented as small works of art. His personal work has received recognition, for example as from the MAD NY or the National Craftsmanship Prize. The pieces represent organic forms and textures with origins in the Mediterranean Sea and culture, of great expressiveness. With more than thirty years of experience, the Majoral’s brand has evolved from Enric Majoral’s intuition, experimentation and creativity - National Craftwork Award in 2007- who has embodied his personal universe, inspired by the Formentera island, the popular culture and craftwork, in jewels with no limits in the use of materials or techniques.


from 16:30 to 17:30
P. 93 485 29 11
S. Pallars, 85-91, 5č 2a Barcelona

Mediodesign is a multidisciplinary studio focused on the design and production of furniture, objects and specials. The studio produces and supplies its own collection of furniture products and accessories which have a foundation in logic and rationality but invariably contain a witty twist or surprising detail. Mediodesign is a leader in providing consultancy services in design, computer-aided design, manufacturing and emerging technologies to Barcelona’s architectural and design community.

Mediodesign is an Authorized RhinoFabLab™ and Rhino Training Centre for Europe.


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